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Home of Julie V. Watson Author and Publisher

Seacroft is a showcase of the diversified works of author, Julie V Watson. Click on the image beside your selection  below to learn more about various areas of interest represented here

Seacroft is a small home based business, producing and marketing books and printed products, sharing knowledge through workshops, and striving to encourage and assist others. Owned and operated by Julie V. Watson of Prince Edward Island, Seacroft reflects her approach to life. She explains:


In England, my birth land, a croft is a small farm, often with buildings or a field enclosed by a stone wall.  I think of them as magical, self‑sufficient little worlds where people create life steeped in love of nature, time‑honoured traditions and values, and an appreciation for simple things. I grew up with a love for fairies (which I was convinced lived within the stone walls), wild flowers, the seashore and it's shells and treasures. These things bring balance to my life. It was a combining of appreciation for simple pleasures which led me to name my home‑based business Seacroft.


I have great admiration for those who strive for self‑sufficiency and who fill life with experiences. Doers, if you will. Folks who are entrepreneurs, who use their strengths and talents in such a way that they blend together ambitions, creativity and commitment to family to create a lifestyle true to their values.  Folks who, even in a small way, choose adventure over boredom; who treasure the riches of the past, even as they stride towards the future. These were the motivators that directed me to a life as an author and, later, to the creation my own design and publishing house.


Seacroft is a coming together of several things:

. the persona of the self‑reliant, entrepreneurial person who walks to their own drummer,

. a love of things fostered by nature and imagination,

. an appreciation for traditional food, travel and adventure,

. an overwhelming desire to write and to share love for the craft by passing along knowledge

. a passion for life in Canada, particularly the Maritimes and coastal regions.


I hope the books are as useful as we intend them to be.

I hope you enjoy the looks at the past, the history and folklore.

I hope you join us in savouring good food, appreciating travel, celebrating senior life, and taking joy from the region we live in. Please do explore our site.


Julie Watson


PS! - In recognition of new technology, costs and the convenience of having almost instant access to our books, Seacroft is working to introduce downloadable books to our readers.  Check individual books for download option.
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