Seacroft Prince Edward Island home of Julie V Watson


croft: A small holding as found in Northern England or Scotland



Seacroft: a small home based business, producing and marketing books and other printed material, sharing knowledge through workshops, and striving to bringing joy, encouragement and assistance to others. Owned and operated by Julie V. Watson of Prince Edward Island.

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julie watson authorJulie V. Watson 


I write because it is what I love to do.  I totally enjoy the whole process of coming up with an idea, developing it, researching, and writing I also enjoy the next phase, taking your words to a final product. The print medium is something you can have, hold, set aside then go back to it.  Its there-a friend.  I love to hold and own books, so it is very gratifying to be able to hold my own work and know that it will be here for a long time to come. Now that we are traveling more I have found the convenience of ebooks and love it.  Being able to have reference books, as well as pleasure reading in my purse is wonderful.  No longer is our RV weighed down with books!  As a result, we are working to make many of our books available as inexpensive ebooks.  Just imagine being able to take the recipe shopping, or pulling out a collection of ghost stories to pass the time on a plane.  Print to keep on your bookshelf, a PDF file on your computer or stored in your ereader library - all great options. - Julie V. Watson


The author of more than 30 books and hundreds of periodical articles covering a wide range of topics, Julie V. Watson has always taken the approach of  focusing on the positive. Although topic areas of her books and workshops are diverse: women in business and entrepreneurship, writing and publishing, food and regional cuisine, travel, history and folklore, diabetes and more, she says, in fact, they compliment each other.



I have a strong belief in people taking control of their lives, being loyal and caring to family and friends, and finding  way to blend those things.  Part of the nurturing process for ourselves and those we love, comes down to savouring small pleasures such as food, travel, nature, exploring history.  Finding ways to incorporate our values and pleasures into the lifestyle we chose, or have to deal with as is the case with our diabetes, is one of the keys to enjoying life.  The history,    folklore and artistic things I do continue to build on things I enjoy.  The traditions I try to capture enrich our lives by reminding us of the rewards of being a doing person.  History never talks about those who sat on their fanny all their lives, it talks about the people who faced life and carried on - be they housewives feeding a family in the wilderness or a sea captain fighting a raging storm.

 Julie built experience as a newspaper and small magazine editor into a freelancing career working for both business and magazines as well as writing books. Her small publishing house allows her to incorporate her creative and artistic interests into books, publications, printed material and gift items such as greeting cards. Her latest passion, scrapbooking, is bringing a new element of design to her publishing projects and greeting cards as well as a sharing of her knowledge of writing and publishing with papercrafting enthusiasts.  Always active in writers, women in business and craft associations she began giving presentations and workshops and has now incorporated that rewarding element into her annual agenda.  Julie gives workshops across Canada in writing, publishing, scrapbook journaling and small business skills.



Julie is an active member of several associations, often in an executive capacity:

Island Writers Association (Prince Edward Island)

Professional Writers Association of Canada

Travel Media Association of Canada

The Scrapbookers Guild of Prince Edward Island


Julie lives with her husband in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. 

She can be reached at:

Write: Seacroft, P.O. Box 1204, Charlottetown, PE Canada   C1A 7M8






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