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Welcome to Seacroft’s  scrapbooking and papercrafting
Julie V. Watson, Scrapbooking Instructor Scrapbooking Guild of Prince Edward Island Upcoming Retreats, Workshops, and Activities
A skilled scrapbooker, writer and instructor, Julie Watson is now available to present workshops at your venue.  Paper crafting and scrapbooking topics include:
- A How-To of Journaling
- Using Journaling to Tell Your Scrapbooked Story
- Preserving Family or Community Through Scrapbooking
- How to Create a One-Of-A-Kind Cookbook
- How To Turn Your Scrapbooking Into a Printed Book

Julie also leads workshops on writing and publishing.

For more information about our workshops including: rates,  please contact us
Looking for other scrapbooking or papercrafting workshops topics.  Contact us, We can facilitate sessions on many topics, drawing on our team of skilled presenters.

Dating back to the 15th century when they were used to compile recipes, quotations and sayings, letters, poems and more scrapbooks evolved into things like Friendship Albums, travel or trip souveniers, documented records of special events and moments in personal lives.  The hobby and art form is practiced to this day and has expanded to include items for home decor, greeting cards, and much more.  Modern elements have taken the art to a new level and today even include digital scrapbooking.

Papercrafters and scrapbooking enthusiasts have formed the Scrapbookers Guild of Prince Edward Island, a coming together of people who enjoy papercrafting, the preservation of memories and sharing creative time with others. The Guild is an information hub, formed to keep Scrapbookers and papercrafters advised of events, activities and news, to provide education and social opportunities, and to Promote Co-operation between different sectors of papercrafting.


Founding members are moving towards the goals of the Guild by organizing retreats, crop nights and other events.


The group also maintains a Facebook page to facilitate an exchange of information and to keep enthusiasts up to date on activities taking place throughout the province. To join, enter "Scrapbookers Guild of PEI" into the Facebook search window.


For information about the Guild or the Retreat email:  or or call 902-569-3913.



The Scrapbookers Guild of PEI is for Prince Edward Island residents and is open to anyone who is interested in scrapbooking of any sort: photo pages, greeting cards, layouts, as well as rubber stamping, and all that other fun stuff connected to it. There is no membership fee.

The Guild members meet the 3rd Saturday of each month, at the Stratford Town Hall, for their Free Crop. (A voluntary donation of $2 is suggested to help cover costs.)


We also maintain a page on Facebook. To join, go to:

For information about the Guild or their events email: or or call 902-569-3913.

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